Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Once again my post is LONG overdue. In the last few weeks a few things have gone on.
First, Kayla is in the 38th week of her pregnancy. We had a "false alarm" after a check up last Thursday morning with a trip to the hospital. The trip concluded with her being 3cm dialated and 70% effaced (Thanks to Heather for breaking the dialated/effaced ice on her blog so I did not have to). She was having contractions although weak ones. So, for the last five days I have been staring at my phone waiting for her to call and say ITS TIME! Everytime the phone rings I dash over like a crazed panther waiting to hear her on the line for status up dates. It is so funny when she is sitting down you can see Uriah move around in her belly. So, any time now we should be updating our blog with pictures of a baby boy.

As for other news....Pammie came into town and had a wonderfully relaxing visit. We pretty much did nothing. So, I really have nothing to write about on that front. Currently we are riding out a artic freeze. It is currently -5 and has been dipping below -20 at night. On the housing front we are at a stand still due to the freezing weather. they have run a water line and dug the foundation hole. Therefore, we are a few steps closer than the last post. Also, I have forgotten this picture that was taken in one of the houses we were going to look at. That is before we were going to build. This is classic Montana and I do not think I could have gotten Kayla into this house if she had seen the following picture.

You are correct that is a full mount of a deer above the wood stove.

Friday, November 13, 2009


So in the past two weeks we have made progress on the few fronts I mentioned in our last post.

First the Pregnancy is coming along as well as can be expected. The little guy has definite sleep and awake patterns. Kayla gets really mad at me, when I mess with these patterns. I like to wake him up with pokes and she has to deal with the consequences. Can't say I blame her. I really just like to feel him poke back. Second, she can barely work out anymore because of pressure on her bladder. Heather any ideas?

The girlies (Merckx on left/Karhart on right) really wanted to be in a picture!

Anywhere from 3-8 weeks away!!! Due date of December 26th!

On the house front no new pictures but plenty to talk about. We got all our numbers back and they came in "around" what we wanted. We spent last weekend burning slash and cutting down trees to make room for the house. On Tuesday we met the builder and went over how we wanted to home to sit on the land. The views will be magnificent once we get a few more trees out of the way. Yesterday, I got the day off to go chase Elk and Kayla picked cabinets and counters. She did an excellent job (of course).

It is unbelievable how time is flying through this pregnancy. As for what I have been doing to pass time...mucho mucho time in the woods. No success yet but tons of fun has been had. Yesterday, I saw a giant Bull Moose, but I did not have camera to take picture of him. Needless to say I did not have a tag or else he would be on the dinner table!!

I thought this was a good picture my friend took of me on opening day.

As for other occurrences in our lives...Kayla's Birthday is next Monday. Pammie is coming to visit us for Thanksgiving. The parents have bought their plane tickets for Uriah's entrance into this world.

That really is about it. You all can thank Mary and her 'tude for this post :).

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Beginnings

There has been a whole lot has gone on in 2009. The most exciting things are the "new beginnings" in our lives.

First and foremost my beautiful wife is now incubating a young one!! His name is Uriah (biblical look it up to find out who) Cooper (Montana Firearms Manufacturer) Johnson. These are the most current pictures from yesterday. She is 7 months and 1 week along in the pregnancy. He is an active little sucker in there and I hope he is just as active when he arrives in this world! My favorite things are to talk to him and prod him until he punches/kicks me back.

As you can see she is happy as a clam!

For are second "new beginning" we are building a new house on 5.56 acres in Huson, MT. This has been one of the CRAZIEST processes in our lives. First, we sold our house which was way more of a hassle than neccessary. Secondly, we looked at every house in the school district we liked and came up empty. So, we bought some land to build on!! The whole process is going to be exasperating. We are currently living with Kayla's parents. From there we will go to a rental unit that is currently being built (scheduled for completion on December 1st.) So, when Uriah is a hall of famer, he will have some story about how he was homeless at birth.

Here are some pictures of the land/house plans for your viewing pleasure.

P.S. Brooks and Brian you will have to come visit. Many, many miles of dirt road for cross practive.

I am sure there is something that I Missed. So, when my wife repremands me I will "refurbish" this post.